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What are Quiet Books?

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What are Quiet Books?

Quiet Books are a very special kind of toy in the form of a beautifully handcrafted book..

They are carefully made from soft cotton fabric and felt, and are packed with quiet, fun and learning activities that engage the very young ones, toddlers and pre-schoolers in developing and improving their cognitive and fine motor skills.

Mobile phones, tablets and other electronic toys all too often overstimulate children in passive play. Our Quiet Books bring back the childhood pleasure of open ended thinking, pretend play and assisted play, and are great for reducing screen time and its overexposure at too early an age. They entertain and capture a child’s attention by allowing them to express freely his creativity and imagination, discover his individuality, explore new possibilities, and at the same time provide a fun, interactive and screen-free way to learn and develop new skills.

Our Quiet Books will keep your child ‘quiet’ and happily busy for hours!

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Play and Learn

A Quiet Book is also a magical box full of toys, and each page has an activity or a skill to work on, that contributes to the healthy development of your child. Our Quiet Books also offer some practical life skills or every day skills to explore, such as day to day routine (brushing your teeth, bath time, etc), tying bows and shoelaces, buttoning, zipping and so much more.

All this while having tons of fun!

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Developmental & Cognitive Skills

A Quiet Book encourages and develops fine motor skills, hand to eye coordination, logic thinking & problem solving, concentration and focus.

Activities include:

  • shape, geometrical and colour recognition
  • number recognition and early basic counting
  • sorting, pairing & matching
  • solving puzzles
  • lacing & sequencing

They are sure to provide kids with a strong foundation for kindergarten or even for school. And will make a great resource to have for parents practising Montessori education for their children.

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Intuitive, Creative and Imaginative – Quiet books do the least, kids do the most

A Quiet Book is also a book without words. Children are blessed with a natural creativity and unlimited imagination, and will easily find their way flipping through the pages. Activities are very straightforward so that a young child, who has not learn to read yet, is able to play with it immediately (of course under some parental guidance).

As they play along, our Quiet Books inspire children to use their creative thinking and imagination through pretend play, where they are free to add their own twists to the activities, come up with their own ideas, discover themselves and their passions. Use them to animate fairy tale stories or how about creating their very own stories?

An incredible way to entertain your children without the use of technology!

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Easy to Carry Around

Our Quiet Books are lightweight, very portable, can be stored easily and are perfect for little fingers to play with.

Imagine a whole doll house in just one book, which you can easily carry around and everywhere. You can keep them on you at all times – in your bag, backpack, or comfortably in your hand.

They are great for certain places or special times where silence or quiet play is intended, such as during long drives, flights, visit at the doctor, in church, or just around the home!

Wherever you are, you only need a flat surface, the size of a handkerchief, to start playing with your Quiet Book.

A Perfect Travel Companion!

A Very Special Gift

Our Quiet Books make very unique and special gifts for birthdays, baby showers, naming ceremonies, keepsakes or even just a hey-I-got-you-something-special gift. They also make great decorative pieces on your child’s desk, book shelf or coffee table.

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