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Our Collections

  0 - 2 Years

0-2 years

Quiet books with fun and simple activities for the little ones. Watch as they discover colours and shapes, feel textures and work on simple motor skills like velcroing and un-velcroing. You will be fascinated by how the youngest ones interact with these books.

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  2 - 4 Years

2-4 years

Quiet books that introduce your kids to basic counting, puzzles and labyrinth games. They experience and play with animals, fruits and vegetables while developing their hand to eye coordination, logic thinking and memory skills. All this while having loads of fun!

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  4 - 6 Years

4-6 years

Quiet books with more complicated skills like time telling and simple maths, and which encourage pretend play. Children will get in their favourite imaginary world as they learn and play with vehicles, puppets and work on practical or everyday skills such as day to day routines.

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Who Are We?

Timimi is a new start up created in 2019. As new parents, we were looking for activities and toys, other than mobile phones or other screen devices, that would still capture our child’s attention and still be entertaining and educative. That is how we stumbled across the magical & wonderful world of Quiet Books! This took us away immediately and after witnessing how excited and engaging our child and other family kids members (nieces, nephews etc) were with the books, we thought that this could be something that could benefit other parents and children too.

What Are Quiet Books?

Quiet Books are a very special kind of toy in the form of a beautifully handcrafted book. They are carefully made from soft cotton fabric and felt, and are packed with quiet, fun and learning activities that engage the very young ones, toddlers and pre-schoolers in developing and improving their cognitive and fine motor skills. Mobile phones, tablets and other electronic toys all too often overstimulate children in passive play. Our Quiet Books bring back the childhood pleasure of open ended thinking, pretend play and assisted play, and are great for reducing screen time and its overexposure at too early an age.

Our Handmade Quiet Books

Each of our Premium Quiet Book has been carefully made by hand around a hand driven process. It is hand cut, hand assembled, part hand sewn and part machine sewn where required to ensure product meets the toddler pull test. Our books are 100% sewn to the tiniest piece and not just glued.. Sewing our books is almost like drawing with a machine – it is delicately complicated as pieces are so tiny and time consuming, requiring utmost artisan workmanship skill, attention to detail, their thinking and creativity when crafting each and every one of our books.

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