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About Us

About Timimi

Welcome to www.timimishop.com, your trusted online shop caring for your little ones.

Timimi is a new start up created in 2019. As new parents, we were looking for activities and toys, other than mobile phones or other screen devices, that would still capture our child’s attention and still be entertaining and educative. That is how we stumbled across the magical & wonderful world of Quiet Books! This took us away immediately and after witnessing how excited and engaging our child and other family kids members (nieces, nephews etc) were with the books, we thought that this could be something that could benefit other parents and children too.

We hope that you will enjoy our collection of Quiet Books as much as we have.

Stay tuned for new releases as we continue to expand our product range.

Our Mission

To inspire giving and beautiful experiences through our range of carefully selected, exclusive, and thoughtful products for the little ones, that guide creative expression, encourage imagination & interaction and celebrate individuality.

We believe in finding the most beautiful, innovative and thoughtful products that inspire one’s imagination to sparkle, creative spirit to soar, and that create beautiful experiences and memories.

Our Motto

Love giving & sharing

Inspire creativity & imagination

Create beautiful & memorable experiences

Our Commitment

We believe in ethical and responsible product manufacturing and sourcing. We want to provide products that are completely safe for the little hands. All our Premium Quiet Books are certified to the European standard EN71 for product safety.

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