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Book Size: 20 x 20 cm (8 x 8 inches)
Age Guide: 2-6 years

Every other page in this Quiet Book thrills the imagination. Hop on for an exciting journey with the little bunny and his friends.

Cover Page :

A gorgeous hot air balloon in pastel colours with a bunny in its basket going Up Up and Away. Button/Unbutton the drifting white cloud - a fine motor activity.

Page 1:

The book opens up to a beautiful rainbow. Identify and name the colours of the rainbow, match the rainbow dots to its arc and sequence them in the order of VIBGYOR.

Page 2:

Meet fish of various shapes in the ocean bed. The sea weeds are great to touch and feel. Use the magnetic fishing rod to catch the fish - a great hand eye coordination activity. Identify and name the shapes, talk about their properties - a square has four sides, a triangle has three corners, so on and so forth.

Page 3 and 4:

The Food Train is chugging away. Eight animal finger puppets have boarded and now need help to move to their respective food carriages. Play pretend, sort and pair. Who eats what? The dog eats the bone, rabbit - carrot, squirrel - nut and so on..
Pop the animal puppets on your fingers and sing, story tell and play silly!

Page 5 and 6:

The butterfly clock can be used for telling time and working on some basic math. Turn the hands of the clock and place the bunny in the correct quadrant on the right page. Its 5 o’clock and its park time. Wake up time, bath and meal time ...
Introduce the concept of time and talk about daily routines.

At the end of the book is a zipper pocket - a place for everything so there aren't loose pieces to keep track of when putting them away.

All of the parts of this Quiet Book have been carefully handmade with love.
This book is 100% sewn and not glued to ensure that all elements of the book are securely attached.

Note: Fabrics and colours used in the book may slightly differ from batch to batch.

Main Material: 100% Premium & Pre-washed Cotton Fabrics, Oeko-tex Certified Felt, and Different Accessories (Buttons, Zips, Velcro, Elastic etc)

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