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Book Size: 20 x 20 cm (8 x 8 inches)
Age Guide: 3-6 years

Toddlers and Pre-Schoolers learning basic concepts (colours, shapes, numbers, sorting, pairing, matching) and refining their grasp, hand-eye coordination (learning to button, zip etc) have met a cuddly match for their emerging skills in this Quiet Book.

Magic Garden opens up to a wonderful world of animals, rainbows, ocean bed, seasons, trucks and the garden itself with plants, fruits and vegetables to care for.

Cover Page:
The yellow giraffe, blue elephant and pink birdie make a great cover page. Encourage the child to come up with a name for each of them. You won't believe what a fun activity and vocabulary exercise this can turn out to be!

Page 1: Rainbow Maze

The book opens up to a white cloud and rainbow. Seven rainbow buttons can be moved around the white cloud to match the rainbow strip. Children can train their fine motor muscles by moving the buttons around to their respective slots while also working on their colour sorting skills.

Page 2: Seasons Clock

Time flies, seasons come and go, children learn & play and the questions grow.
Use the multi activity seasons clock page in various ways while interacting with the child to answer all those curious questions about time, seasons, numbers, math and more.
1) Identify numbers
2) Sequence them in the order of 1-10
3) Introduce Time and Telling Time
4) Introduce Seasons by pointing out to each quadrant
5) Greater than and Lesser than concept
6) Odd and Even numbers and group them
7) Skip counting
8) Basic Math - Addition, Subtraction

Page 3 and 4: Harvest Garden

Seventeen adorable fruits and vegetables can be played with in the following ways:
1) Name and Identify them
2) Categorise them into fruits and vegetables
3) Where do they grow? On the tree, ground or under-ground? Sort and velcro them on the page accordingly.

Page 5:

The child can learn to button and unbutton wheels of the vegetable truck. Large chunky wooden buttons on elastic make this a beneficial mix of both encouragement and challenge.

Use the numbers from the clock page while loading and unloading the fruits and vegetables to associate quantity with numbers. The cloud on top slides on the string when moved to demonstrate concepts such as left and right, slow and fast, point A to Point B.

Page 6: Magnetic Fishing Activity

A great fine motor training activity for children. There is hand eye coordination, cause and consequence, logics, focus, concentration, aim, fun and more. Since each fish is of a different shape, children get to identify and learn shapes.
Parents: "Can you pick the triangle fish"
Child: Aims for the triangle fish with the magnetic fishing rod

At the end of the book is a zipper pocket - a place for everything so there aren't loose pieces to keep track of when putting them away.

All of the parts of this Quiet Book have been carefully handmade with love.
This book is 100% sewn and not glued to ensure that all elements of the book are securely attached.

Note: Fabrics and colours used in the book may slightly differ from batch to batch.

Main Material: 100% Premium & Pre-washed Cotton Fabrics, Oeko-tex Certified Felt, and Different Accessories (Buttons, Zips, Velcro, Elastic etc)

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