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Meadow – 7 Pages Quiet Book

Age Guide: 3 - 7 years

Book Size: 20 x 20 cm (8 x 8 inches)

Main Material: Cotton Fabrics, Felt, and Different Accessories (Buttons, Zips, Velcro, Elastic etc)

The Meadow Quiet Book opens up to a wonderful world of farm animals and a beautiful garden full with plants, fruits and vegetables to care for.

Cover Page:
Hello to the friendly cow. It’s a beautiful day and we are ready to visit the different farm animals.

Page 1: Red Barn
Open the red barn and find 4 absolutely adorable farm finger puppets.
Finger puppets are fun. They also help in motor control. Which finger do I move now? Which finger should I move up, front, back?
Great for story telling and music sessions. Old Mc Donald rhyme, for example.

Page 2: Windmill Field
More farm animals to meet and play with. Here is a horse, duck, cow and puppy! Have fun turning the blades of the windmill!

Page 3 and 4: Harvest Garden
Find fifteen adorable fruits and vegetables in the garden!
1) Name and Identify them
2) Categorise them into fruits and vegetables
3) Where do they grow? On the tree, ground or under-ground? Sort and velcro them on the page accordingly.
4) There is a water can as well, to water and care for the different fruits and vegetables.

Page 5 & 6:
Move the arms of the clock and have fun telling time. Did you spot the Rooster?
Use the numbers from the clock page while loading and unloading the fruits and vegetables to associate quantity with numbers.
Same clock numbers can be used to introduce basic math such as addition, subtraction, greater than and lesser than concept.

All of the parts of this Quiet Book have been carefully handmade with love.
This book is 100% sewn and not glued to ensure that all elements of the book are securely attached.

Note: Fabrics and colours used in the book may slightly differ from batch to batch.

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