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My Pet Hospital – 8 Pages Quiet Book

Book Size: 20 x 20 cm (8 x 8 inches)

Main Material: Cotton Fabrics, Felt, and Different Accessories (Buttons, Zips, Velcro, Elastic etc) 

A sick puppy to look after? Welcome to our Pet Hospital, a place full of love and care so your little pup can get well soon and fast.

Cover Page 1:
Open the doors and find the hidden animal buttons.

Page 1 and 2:
Visit to the vet. Take out your little puppy from the dog’s carrier and let’s take a
closer look on the medical table. Press on the blue lamp for some light!

Page 3 and 4:
Run a medical scan and provide medical care with the help of the medical accessories.

Page 5 and 6:
Time for a good bath and bed rest!

Page 8:
Finish off with a walk in the field. Try buckle and tying the dog’s collar!

All of the parts of this Quiet Book have been carefully handmade with love.

Note: Fabrics and colours used in the book may slightly differ from batch to batch.

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